July 6, 2020

Take Action

Take Action

On today’s episode Ariana, Ikram and Vikki talk about action, what to do and where to go next. Learn how you can donate to the Black Lives Matter movement, how you can volunteer to help suffering families and use your skills to help people at protests and more. The girls also discuss learning to take care of yourself and also discuss police brutality and military de-escalation! Strap yourself in for another powerful and touching episode of k, thanks.



00:00 - 1:40 - Introduction

1:40 - 8:33 - Building your support ecosystem

8:33 - 17:00 - Healing justice events

17:00 - 30:00 Volunteering your time to help the BLM movement

30:00 - 30:50 - It’s essential to remember to take care of yourself

31:00 - 45:47 - Discussing police brutality and how we de-escalated situations in the military

45:57 - 52:03 What is JRTC and how would it help the police?

52:03 - Wrap-up and outros



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