June 22, 2020

Heal with US

Heal with US

On this week's episode Ariana, Ikram and Vikki discuss empathy and what happens next, after you’ve been through the five stages of grief, and it’s time to heal. Tune in to hear how you can address individual chakras within your body and use healing frequencies to balance these. Learn how to deal with creative blocks, being unable to communicate your feelings and improve your relationships and mental state in this very powerful episode of k, thanks! 



00:00 - 0:50 - Introduction

0:50 - 12:38 - Empathy and leaning in with compassion

12:38 - 23:24 - Healing through meditation, writing and reiki

23:24 - 45:00 - Healing frequencies and working on your chakras

45:00 - 47:00 - Concluding around empathy, wrap-up & outros!



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